Estate & Legacy Consultation

Do you need Estate & Legacy Consultation?

There is an appropriate saying, ‘but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes’. Of specific interest is the implication of taxes on the estate and hence the legacy left for the family and following generations. 


This is especially important for entrepreneurs who have built a successful enterprise, or many, across geographies. Given that different laws govern the assets and businesses in different countries, it is important to plan ahead and ensure that the value of the legacy does not diminish with the passing of the individual. This way those who inherit the legacy stand to receive the full value of the assets or business instead of losing a lot to applicable taxes and levies.

Tax implications and the need for
legacy planning

There are tax implications for ultra-high networth individuals (UHNIs) since they have businesses and estates in developed countries. Developed countries have strict Estate Tax and Inheritance Tax implications in the range of 10% to 44%,a big dent to the inheritors. The best option is to purchase a global legacy plan which covers the estate tax and helps in creating the legacy of the deceased. In fact, we strongly suggest to clients that if they have illiquid or capital-intensive business operations and properties which need high maintenance and attract insurmountable tax, they must consider legacy planning at an early stage of life.

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