Alena is a strong, independent woman, who works at an advisory firm. She is career oriented and experiences a true sense of satisfaction in accepting challenges and adhering to targets. On the other hand, being a travel lover, she desires to explore the world without any sort of financial limitations. As a result, she requires sufficient income that counters an annual inflation rate of 2% at retirement on a regular basis. Effective retirement planning plays a significant role in order to channel Alena’s savings towards suitable investment products and in her scenario, liquid investments and compounded returns are the major criterion. Post analysis, we had determined that if she invests into bank fixed deposits at the current interest rate scenario, the returns generated would barely be sufficient to beat the inflationary pressure. Moving on, we had also determined that illiquid investments such as real estate wherein the process of property sale is extremely time consuming is not appropriate as Alena wishes to withdraw a certain amount of funds from her investments on a yearly basis in order to fulfill her travel goals. Considering all of the factors, we had arrived at a conclusion that investment into the stock market is most appropriate in such a scenario. Thereby, we had advised a high-quality stock portfolio that includes a blend of growth and value stocks generating an annualized compounded return of 15%-20%. Alena has invested into our strategy and is pleased with the performance and the fact that stock market investments can be liquidated within a single day. 

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